9 Which is the competent authority to turn to in cases of disputes and other legal issues?

Hungarian courts shall have jurisdiction relating to the personal and property relations of spouses if:

a) the defendant spouse’s habitual residence is in Hungary,

b) the spouses’ last common habitual residence was in Hungary, provided that the habitual residence of either of the spouses is still in Hungary at the time of filing for action, or

c) both spouses are Hungarian citizens.

If the relationship is settled within the framework of proceedings on matrimonial ties, it may be heard by a Hungarian court if it has jurisdiction for such proceedings. Hungarian courts shall have jurisdiction in proceedings relating to matrimonial property rights if the specific property to which the proceedings pertain is situated in Hungary. If a Hungarian court has jurisdiction in a case of succession, the scope of such jurisdiction shall also cover questions of law in matrimonial property rights arising from succession. Hungarian courts shall have jurisdiction in proceedings concerning the legal effects of registered partnerships if:

a) it was established in Hungary, or

b) at least one of the registered partners is a Hungarian citizen.

(Art. 102 and 103 of Act XXVIII of 2017 on International Private Law)