1 Which law applies?

1.1. Which law is applicable to a couple´s property? Which criteria/rules are used to determine the applicable law? Which international conventions have to be respected with regard to certain countries?

The personal and property relations of spouses are governed by the law of the state of which the spouses are citizens. If the spouses are citizens of different states, these relations are governed by Slovak law. Marital agreements are governed by the law applicable to the spouses’ property relations at the time the agreement is concluded (§ 21 Zákona o medzinárodnom práve súkromnom a procesnom (ZMPS) – Act on International Private and Procedural Law).

1.2. Do the spouses have the option of choosing the applicable law? If so, by which principles is this choice governed (e.g. the laws to be chosen, formal requirements, retro-activity)?

The choice of law is not possible in Slovakia.